Staff Caricatures

Game developers can be a proud lot. After spending months, or even years working on a game it’s not uncommon for them to include a little tribute to themselves somewhere in the game.

Mega Twins
(Arcade; Capcom, 1990)


Though never seen in-game, the game’s data contains 14 caricatures that were likely at one time intended to be used in the credits sequence.

The Addams Family
(SNES; Ocean, 1992)


After defeating the final boss, Gomez walks down a hall of portraits featuring caricatures of the game’s nine developers.


Zombies Ate My Neighbors
(SNES; Ocean, 1992)

zombies-cast1 zombies-cast2

After defeating the final boss, you are transported to a game studio where you can walk around and meet the various developers of the game. They are mostly sprites of existing characters with new heads.

South Park
(N64, Playstation; Acclaim, 1998)

South Park

Upon completing the game, the staff credits roll over a backdrop of the game’s various developers depicted in a “chibi” South Park style that was popular at the time. The specific identities of the caricatures are not identified, however, and there are more names in the credits than there are caricatures.

(Playstation; Electronic Arts, 1998)


On the main screen, a “Credits” option can be selected, which brings up a screen of caricatures of the development team. Each caricature can be highlighted to see a closeup, along with their job title and nickname. These were created by Shaun Hayes-Holgate, who is credited as an “animator/artist.”


The Binding of Issac
(PC; 2011)


Upon completion of the game, crude drawings of the staff in the style of the game’s intro are used to illustrate the credits.

The Clockwork Man
(PC; Total Eclipse, 2011)


Upon completing this steampunk-themed hidden object game, the developers are shown in a series of nicely-rendered caricatures, drawn by Kostas Karasavvidis (whose caricature is also featured). There is a complete gallery of them on Flickr.

Rogue Legacy
(PC; Cellar Door Games, 2013)

The ending credits feature sprite caricatures of the five highest-credited staffers.