Annotated Guide to Goemon

Goemon-graphicI, like I assume most of you, was rather captivated with the 1993 SNES game Legend of the Mystical Ninja when it first came out. It’s a fun and immensely playable game made all the more captivating by its weird anachronistic setting: half ancient Japan, half… well, not.

Many years ago I created an annotated guide to the game, in which I sought to document what obscure aspects of Japanese history and folklore all the weird characters, items, and settings were intended to reference. I made it with HTML, which was the fashion at the time, and I thought about transferring all the content to this site to make it look a bit cleaner. But upon deeper reflection, I ultimately concluded the content is probably consumed better in its original, primitive setting.

Check out The Annotated Guide to the Legend of the Mystical Ninja.